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The GR5 in the French Alpes and Le Tour de l’Ubaye (GR56)

Need more information in english:

More about the GR5 in Belgium, Luxemburg and other regions in France and more about the GR65: GR5 and the GR65

Topo guide:

  • Du Léman au Mont Blanc – Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre (ISBN 2-85699-807-0).
  • La Grande Traversée des Alpes et Le Tour de l’Ubaye (GR5 – GR56) – Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre (ISBN 2-85699-861-5).
  • – August 2010: Montgenèvre – Sachas (Villard-Saint-Pancrace) (3.30 hours). From (ugly) ski resort Montgenèvre to the beautiful city of Briançon. People were bungy jumping from the Pont d’Asfeld near the Cité Vauban , French folk music in Le Parc de la Schappe.
    – August 2004: Le Pont du Châtelet (near Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye) – Larche (5.30 hours). Lot of climbing to the nice village of Fouillouse, Le col du Vallonnet and Le Col de Mallemort with beautiful views. Many hikers on this part of the GR5. From the Col de Mallemort (2558m) in 1.30h to Larche (1670m). Meeting with a mountain biking family.

    Topo guide:

  • Tinée – Vésubie. Vallée des Merveilles (GR5 / GR52) – Fédération Française de la Randonnée Pédestre (ISBN 978-2-7514-0200-5)
  • – August 2012: Chemin de Gairaut (D14) near Carrefour de l’Aire-Saint-Michel – Nice Promenade des Anglais (1.15 hours). Descent to the Mediterranean. Became friends with homeless guy at Nice Ville railway station.

    End of the GR5


    More walks in the Alps:

    Le Tour de l’Ubaye (GR56):
    – August 2004 La Frequière/Méolans – Les Besses – La Frequière/Méolans (2.30 hours). One hour and a half of climbing. One hour back. Possibility of renting a donkey in Les Besses: location d’ânes (and sculptures).

    Le Dormillouse (2505m):
    – August 2004: Les Hauts Savornins (near Seyne les Alpes) – Le Dormillouse (2505m, drinks at the top)- Les Hauts Savornins. Climbing 3 hours, back to Les Hauts Savornins in 2 hours. The first part is the ski-run of St. Jean Montclar. Great views on the Lac de Serre-Ponçon and the three little lakes.

    More about hiking in Parc National des Écrins – Alpes (GR54 and GR541)

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